ok... this is momentary.

a raw and real insight into my life over the last two years. 2019, especially, was a bit of a smack in the face. i was feeling constantly knocked down, misunderstood, lonely and lost, so i hibernated and made music while dealing with the most challenging personal situations i’ve encountered.

being an artist has been a really weird thing for me. writing songs and pouring my heart into music is the most natural and therapeutic thing i do, but actually opening up and letting people in is terrifying. i’ve caught myself out saying i don’t care what people think but at the same time being completely restrained by others opinions, hiding behind a mask and remaining ‘mysterious’ to ultimately please others and to mould myself into what they want, when they want it. but i’m in a place now where i’m ready to be honest.

i’ve decided to take everything into my own hands. to stop leaning on people and trusting people to have my back and to rely solely on myself and my music. so with this project i’m cutting out the bullshit. today i want to give you this little (v big) piece of me, directly from me to you with nothing and nobody in between. the rawest version of myself because what have i got to lose?

i hope it makes you feel something. x

1. common ground (teischa jones)
2. silence (teischa jones / sam sakr)
3. not a sad song (teischa jones / lucianblomkamp)
4. worst luck (6LACK)
5. hotel pool (teischa jones / lucianblomkamp)
6. vibe changer (interlude)
7. not ok (teischa jones / carl dimataga / konstantin kersting)
8. been awhile (teischa jones)